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Current Events and Neighborhood Bulletin

BrynDoings Newsletters

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Landscaping Tips

Please remember to have your landscaping plans reviewed and approved, prior to work being started.

Friendly Tips: Timing the Application of Mulches

  • Mulch is usually applied first in spring after the soil has warmed and begun to dry from winter rains and snow.
  • Depending on soil texture, temperature and other weather conditions, this is usually mid to late spring.
  • Mulching too early can delay drying of soil and subsequent root growth.
  • In seasons of more than ample rainfall and/or cool temperatures, mulching should be delayed until late May or June. 

ANNUAL DUES are owed

Invoices have been mailed out. Please remit by March 31, 2017.

$218 Bryn Du

$131 The Colony

Late Fee Schedule:

After June 1 - $25 + dues

After July 1 - $50 + dues

After August 1 - $75 + dues

After September 1 - lien filed

Neighborhood ALERT:

PLEASELOCK CARS left outside! There have been several recent break-ins throughout the neighborhood.

HOA Monthly Meeting Minutes

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Join the Party!

Get involved and become a member of your HOA Board today. Minimal time commitment - rich rewards - meet your neighbors. Ask us how :)


A coyote has been sighted recently. Please be diligent in watching small pets and bring them in at night.

Neighborly Notices


Please respect your neighbors and visitors around you! Refer to article 7.20 / Animals. All dogs MUST be on a leash outside of your property.

Trailers are Temporary

ALL trailers must be removed from your property within 48 hrs. without prior approval from the HOA Board.

Trash Cans

Trash cans need to be set out on the street then put away within 24 hours of trash pickup. This keeps your neighbors and the city happy!

Protect your Pets

Coyotes have been sited and are heard nightly in the neighborhood. Protect your small pets by keeping them indoors if not being monitored.

White Barn Reservations

Click here to reserve the White Barn today. 

The White Barn is currently reserved the following dates: