White Barn
Any member of the Bryn Du Homeowners Association may reserve the White Barn for picnics and similar activities and use the facility without charge.  The facility is owned by the Association, and is an asset for all residents. To reserve the White Barn for your next function, click here.


Use of the White Barn is scheduled on a first-come, first-served

basis.  The person reserving the facility must be present for the

duration of any event.  He/she also is responsible for assuring

that guests act in a manner that respects both the facility

and the sensitivities of neighbors.  He/she also is responsible

for assuring that the facility is returned to its original condition

upon completion of any event. Any and all trash must be

cleaned-up and packed-out.  Activities may commence no earlier

than 8AM and must be completed by not later than 10PM.


Parking is permitted only on Glyn Tawel Drive or in the parking

lot at the rear of the Bryn Du Mansion near the fence adjacent

to the White Barn.  Parking on the Dickson's private driveway and

adjacent grass is strictly forbidden. Let's all be good neighbors.  While using this facility, please be aware of area neighbors and of events (especially weddings) which may be taking place at the Bryn Du Mansion.