Notice to Title Companies:


For updated dues or questions, please email the Bryn Du Woods HOA Board President.

Welcome to Bryn Du Woods / The Colony

Welcome to Bryn Du Woods / The Colony at Bryn Du Woods! Our Bryn Du Woods neighborhood consists of over 170 luxury homes and an additional 44 cluster homes in The Colony at Bryn Du Woods. Our neighborhood is governed by a Homeowners Association Board of trustees, elected to a one-year term. The HOA Board is a great way to get involved in our neighborhood and is always looking for residents to be more involved in maintaining the high standards of keeping our residential community the beautiful prestigious neighborhood that it is. If interested in becoming more involved, contact your HOA Board President.


Upon buying your new home in Bryn Du Woods, there is aone time $125 transfer fee. Please inform your title company of this fee prior to deed transfer. Additionally, HOA annual dues change yearly and are published by March 1st each year. For 2016, annual dues are:

  • $213 Bryn Du Woods homeowners
  • $127 The Colony homeowners

For additional questions regarding the transfer fee or annual dues, email your HOA Board President.


Bryn Du Woods is a planned community. Therefore, we adhere to a  pre-established set of covenants and design guideline standards  "combining of good design with respect for the natural environment."


Printable versions of the Bryn Du Woods Welcome letter and New Homeowner Questionnaire